Friday, June 17, 2011

Goodies for the Greater Good

We interrupt our regularly scheduled frivolity to bring you breaking news from the outskirts of Chicago:

Word has it that someone is setting up a real live lemonade stand offering lemonade, herbal sun tea, cow-hugger cookies (chocolate chip with oats and toasted pecans) and blueberry lemon muffins. Everything will be "as organic as it can get", Fair Trade and - wait for it - vegan.

All profits from their weekly sales will be equally divided at the end of summer to the following charities: Mercy For Animals, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Oak Park's Animal Care League and Have a Heart Farm.

Times, locations and other details can be found on the Stand for Kindness blog.

Did I mention that the proprietor is a 9-year old? How awesomely awesome is that?

Even if you don't live in or near Chicago, please stop by his blog and wish him good luck. It's refreshing to see kids channel energy into something besides video games so please take a peek and send him some blog love. Your support would be much appreciated.

If all this talk of treats is making you hungry, make yourself this amazing summer pie, some strawberry-lime pound cake, or try out a new version of avocado chocolate pudding. Or just look at some really pretty pictures of lemonade until you're inspired to make some for yourself.

Oh, and if anyone figures out a way to make any of these yummy treats available via FedEx, please let me know - I'm dying over here without an oven!


  1. Excellent! What a beautiful idea!

  2. You're welcome Justice! It really is a beautiful idea. Hope last weekend was just as successful =)


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