Can you keep a secret?

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Confession #1:
My husband doesn't know I write this blog.

But as a prosciutto-eating, cheese-loving,
gelato-worshipping Italian, he has been surprisingly enamored with my vegan cooking.

Because I don't tell him it's vegan.
I just tell him it's dinner.

And then smile quietly to myself
as I watch him fare la scarpetta.

So let's keep this to ourselves, shall we?

Confession #2:
My blog is 100% Vegan...but I am not.

At the risk of offending some - and apparently I have! - I disclose that solely to give credence to this claim: unless otherwise noted, everything you find here has been successfully taste-tested on (and thoroughly enjoyed by) a kitchen full of hard-core omnivores. And I don't mean those who used to love meat until they saw "the vegan light bulb." I'm talking about those who still salivate rabidly at the thought of a bacon-wrapped steak or chorizo-stuffed dates and find anything made without butter or cheese practically inedible. Talk about a tough crowd...

I'm trying to steer our menu rotation in the more-vegan-than-not direction, but it's definitely challenging to find or create recipes that will stand up to the most discriminating omnivorous palates - mine included. In the process, many, many vegan recipes that looked more promising than they actually tasted have gone by the wayside, uneaten and thus, unpublished. I know they're out there and I'm now on a mission to find more, so this is where I share them with anyone who wants a taste.

Confession #3:
I have an insatiable addiction to avocados.

And I just had to tell someone...


  1. This is pretty awesome. I love cooking for my boyfriend who is very much not a vegan and I love tricking him with meals too.

  2. Ha, love this! I "trick" my boyfriend too, and he has been pleasantly surprised so far. :)

  3. Awww thanks girls! Glad it's working for you guys too. Have any favorite recipes to share? Would love to try them =) Thanks so much for reading!

  4. I'm addicted to avocados too! I love half cut up in my salad, and the other half spread on ezekiel bread! so good!

  5. Wonderful Blog!

  6. Mmmm...ezekiel bread and avocado. Y-U-M!

    Good luck on your journey Going Vegan! Hope you find a few things here that will help =)

  7. How have I never found your blog before?? Your concept is great and I love that your Italian husband loves your vegan food!

    Can't wait to read more!!

  8. Just found my way to you, and vegetarianism. Funny , eziekiel bread and avocado is my meal of choice. Yum!

  9. Oh yay yay yay - so nice to meet you guys and welcome to my little blog. Hope you're finding it fun and at least a little useful :)


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