Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Growing Up Vegan

So this is something I've been wondering about for a while.

I mean, it's fine for me to make certain dietary choices for myself and even for the Bear, but do I have the right to make these choices for my kids? Is it healthy? Is it safe? Is it even legal??

There's certainly no shortage of cookbook authors and bloggers offering up family-friendly recipes (I've made several from this book that have gotten my nephews up for seconds), all of whom swear adamantly that their kids love being vegan...but I've always been curious about what the kids actually have to say about it themselves.

For anyone else who's been curious about raising a vegan family, here's a little inspiration...

Belated kudos to my dear friend Marla Rose and her awesomely cool kid Justice, the 9-year old vegan, whose simple school video project has recently inspired an international dialogue and continues to feed a healthy global debate:

Can't say for sure that this video sparked this special interest piece, but ABC just aired the Special Segment: Growing Up Vegan:

I suppose I need not make these kinds of decisions until I actually have kids, but I'm rabidly curious about the concept nonetheless. Anyone else out there having a good experience raising vegan kids? If so, please share!!
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