Getting Started

Here's a list of cookbooks that I'm currently using (or currently coveting) as well as some other books and movies that really got me thinking. They make great gifts for your friends and family who don't get why you're doing this or stress out because they never know what to feed you.

Poke around, read the reviews, check out the "similar items" and find what speaks to you. Be sure to check out the "used" options too - it's a great way to stock your library quickly without breaking the bank!

Have some recommendations of your own? Please share them below or send an email to sneakyvegan [at] gmail [dot] com. I'm putting together a list of Reader's Recommendations too!


  1. Thank you for this!! As 'new' vegans, my family & I are in need of help getting started!

  2. I was just looking for more cook book recommendations. This is great!

  3. I was just looking for cookbook recommendations. This is great!


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