Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Strawberry-Mint Smoothies

One of my awesome Facebook fans gave me a wicked craving for a new smoothie and I Googled my way to this one. The caffeine kick from the green-tea makes it a great pre-workout drink - much lighter than my usual yogurt or nut-milk versions.

Quite a few people tried it immediately after I posted it and gave it rave reviews. So I made it for breakfast this morning and they were right - it was ridicdelish!!

For all you other smoothie-lovers out there, this one is a must-try.

Strawberry Mint Smoothies

Adapted from "Best of" Inn Cuisine recipe, courtesy of the Aska Lodge B&B
Makes three 1-cup servings

1-1/2 cups strong, chilled green tea (made with 6 standard tea bags - I refrigerated overnight)
2 cups frozen strawberries (or blueberries or whatever berries you like)
1 frozen banana, sliced into 1" chunks (if you forgot to freeze the fruit like I did, add some ice)
a small handful of mint leaves (optional)
3 tablespoons honey (or agave syrup if you don't do honey)

Blend everything on high speed until combined. Top with fresh berries or a sprig of mint. Enjoy immediately!

Note: I pumped it up with 2 tablespoons of ground organic flax seeds and some vegan protein powder for some extra energy before my 10-mile bike ride. Supplement yours as needed.


  1. I love green tea in smoothies, which I haven't had in a while. I'll have to try adding mint leaves...that sounds like a great addition.

  2. These sound incredibly refreshing! I love the combination of strawberries and mint :)! I am going to have to try this one!


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