Sunday, May 15, 2011

Vegan Gelato - Perche No!

OMG. Vegan gelato in Firenze??? I die!

Perche No! was the first ice cream parlor to open in the city center back in 1946. They are credited with introducing the glass display case, which is now a standard around Italy and the world. Another fun fact: during WWII this shop was specifically reconnected to the power grid so they could continue making gelato. THAT'S how important good ice cream is!

No Italian holiday is complete without gelato so finding all these yummy vegan options was a huge coup for me - as was watching the Bear devour his!

Grazie mille to Jill and John, two vegans from Canada who are eating their way around the world and reporting back with tips and pictures. For more vegan pizza, pasta and gelato in Firenze, check out their list of reco's here.

Can't get to Italy anytime soon? No problem - Blackwells Organic Gelato (vegan AND cholesterol-free) is available in the US with free shipping! Evivva!!!

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